Animals – Through the presence of ANIMALS, you learn about your true nature.

12. Bee – Sweetness, Belonging, Industrious

BEE is a joyful reminder of the SWEETNESS of life. That no matter what happens, there is always something to delight in. The bee is also INDUSTRIOUS, a hard worker whose efforts pay off in the beauty of flowers blooming and the deliciousness of honey. She reminds you that you too can create beautiful flowers in your own gardens by being present in your daily life and giving back to the world in a way that supports the highest good of all. A sense of BELONGING is offered as a reminder of being a productive and dedicated member of your own hive, your community that you live and work in. Witness the power of the tiny bee, small yet mighty and important, and emulate that power in your own life! This Animal’s message: “Productivity is in question. Are you doing too much or too little? Bring yourself into harmony and allowing more joy in your life. Bee asks you to listen to your soul’s longing for community and connection.

13. Dolphin – Intuition, Playfulness, Emotions

When DOLPHIN energy surrounds you, it is time to tune into your INTUITION. You will find yourself having life-changing opportunities and you’ll receive the blessing with courage and strength. The Dolphin’s qualities contain happiness, willpower, PLAYFULNESS, humor, virtue, mental power, courtesy, wholeness, and teamwork. Dolphin is associated with both water and air elements, living in both realms, symbolizing our EMOTIONS and intellectual traits. The dolphin is a symbol of rebirth, reincarnation, and renewal. This Animal’s message: “Your intuition is guiding you. Be lighthearted and allow yourself to have fun with it. You deserve more play. You can make more space for play by diving into the emotional waters to bring healing to yourself and others. Now is the time!

14. Elephant – Wisdom, Loyalty, Sensitivity

The ELEPHANT symbolizes the vastness of Spirit and all-encompassing strength and love. WISDOM and compassion are the superpowers of the elephant and asks you to listen to the wisdom of your soul, trusting your knowing above all else. Elephant reminds you that your SENSITIVITY is a gift and that you must tune into it to nurture compassion for yourself and others. It is important to embrace your sensitivity but not lose yourself to it. The LOYALTY of elephants, with their strong social bonds and family values, is the symbol of trust, loyalty, and family bonding. This Animal’s message: “Now is the time to step up, for yourself or others. You may find yourself in a new leadership position or simply leading others that are in need of support, including your family. Elephant says be compassionate, stay strong and listen to your guidance as it tells you how much to get involved. Loyalty isn’t always to others; sometimes it is loyalty to yourself.

15. Tiger – Strength, Power, Unpredictability

The TIGER embodies STRENGTH, prowess, courage, ambition, and even royalty. It represents many types of POWER by status, rank, place, and position. Being grounded is another symbolic meaning of the Tiger, for no other animal is as fearless and steady as the tiger. What may appear to be UNPREDICTABILITY in the Tiger is a symbolic release of fears that then allow him to stand for truth, justice, and integrity. When he is not hunting, you will find the tiger sitting still and presiding from its lair. He is acutely surveying his kingdom, aware of everything. Therefore, the tiger teaches us to remain grounded in the present moment. This Animal’s message: “Recognize the importance of knowing that your power is in the present moment. The more grounded you are in the present, the easier it is to face your fears and move forward in your life. Tiger reminds you that you have the strength to overcome your fears and asks you to step forward and face them, one at a time.”

16. Eagle – Freedom, Visionary, Risk-Taker

EAGLE encourages you to reconnect to your spiritual path giving you the FREEDOM to soar to your highest heights. Eagle reminds you to listen to your intuition as well as your heart and be the VISIONARY that allows you to lead the way to your greatest vision. Connection in this way opens doors and allows the light in, showing your heart the way forward. Eagle is a RISK-TAKER, confident that opportunities are endless, and chooses those closest to his heart. This Animal’s message: “Look for the higher perspective. There are many choices at this time – put your attention towards those that raise you, not those that lower you. It is time to take action in ways that your guidance directs you to. Open your eyes to truly “see” your new path.”

17. Snake – Healing, Release, Change, Rebirth

SNAKES have the ability to shed their skins, emerging reborn time after time. They are identified with the symbol of HEALING, regeneration, and immortality. The shedding of their skin is a reminder that you can RELEASE things that no longer serve you and that you can CHANGE anything that is an obstacle to your emergence. Snake Goddess is associated with fertility and motherhood, fostering the knowledge that REBIRTH is always possible. Because it lives on the ground, the snake represents the nurturing earth and also the unknown perils of the underworld. This Animal’s message: “It is time for a change. It can be big or small. Either way, it will move you forward on your path of healing. And remember, in order for change to happen, you must choose to be uncomfortable… just for a bit.”

18. Pig – Wealth, Generosity, Intelligence

The PIG symbolizes WEALTH in the Chinese culture, and it ensures family and business success. This is why piggy banks were created, for children to save their wealth! Pig shares with us the idea of GENEROSITY – because in many cultures, pigs are a token of kindness and often given as gifts to honor others.  INTELLIGENCE is a strong attribute of the pig as she reminds us to allow our intelligence to connect with the mysteries of our intuition. When you connect deeply with your heart and intuition and use your mind to support the two, you have the best outcome possible. Pig is also a reminder to know your value, especially when others don’t seem to be seeing it. Stand in your knowing that you are worthy and deserving.” This Animal’s message: “There has been too much focus on lack or greed lately. Give of your time, energy, and/or money with a generous heart. Abundance comes when you are open to receive in all forms. Look at how abundant you are right now and be grateful. More is on the way.”

19. Koi – Perseverance, Adaptability, Good Fortune

The KOI signifies the taming of your own power so that you can better focus on goals that are worthwhile. With PERSEVERANCE, you can control your personal strength and harness it for the greater good. Koi represents the need for calm and peace to navigate the rough seas of life, knowing that focusing on emotions in emotional situations will do more harm than good. It also encourages you to be on the path of healing and ADAPTABILITY, allowing your rebirth to unfold so you feel lighter and clearer. Koi is a sign of inspiration and GOOD FORTUNE. Breathe it in and allow it into your world. This Animal’s message: “It is time to go with the flow. Holding onto control will only keep you stuck in the story you already know. It is time to trust in your ability to stay the course AND allow yourself to be guided by Spirit. This is when you will see your luck manifest.”

20. Butterfly – Transformation, Grace, Vulnerability

The BUTTERFLY resonates with the belief of ascension as well as creativity, change, pulsing joy, endless potential, TRANSFORMATION, and spiritual rebirth. Its life cycle defines the spiritual meaning of the Butterfly and provides profound insights for us. It births from an egg and begins its life as a caterpillar. It then retreats into a chrysalis and undergoes a major metamorphosis. When it reemerges from the chrysalis, with ease and GRACE, you see a vibrant, colorful, and gorgeously winged creature. This transformation process closely depicts how our spiritual transformation must unfold. When you undergo a spiritual transformation, you must retreat from the outer world and into your inner being. You must let the cocoon surround your VULNERABILITY as you go inward in meditation and prayer. Just as the Butterfly awakens and is ready to fly, you too can emerge renewed and revitalized. This Animal’s message: “Opportunity for growth exists in times of challenge and times of ease. It is an important time to embrace the change and allow yourself to speak your truth. When you can let go of who you have been to step into who you have become, you will find your true self.

21. Monkey – Curiosity, Fun, Courage, Community

The MONKEY is associated with entertainment, CURIOSITY, and joyfulness. Because of their energetic, FUN, and mischievous nature, Monkeys are sometimes considered tricksters. A very resourceful creature, he can easily find solutions to any problem through his COURAGE and tenacity. In their natural habitat, monkeys are incredibly compassionate and caring. Their bonding sessions come as a reminder that you cannot live alone, that COMMUNITY is especially important, and that you should spend time together more often and care for each other deeply. This Animal’s message: “Tune into your own needs and be sure to take time for fun and play right now. Be sure to prioritize joy and happiness. It is time to surround yourself with more like-minded, like-hearted community. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to connect with others. It feeds your soul.”

22. Unicorn – Innocence, Dreamer, Spiritual Vision

UNICORN brings mysticism, magic, INNOCENCE, and purity. Where they exist, there is hope and joy. She reminds us that you must find balance between emotions and logic, feminine and masculine, physical and nonphysical. Unicorn represents stretching your imagination and vision beyond what you think is possible by becoming a DREAMER in your life. This magical energy, or SPIRITUAL VISION, exists outside of space and time, allowing Unicorn to be a shapeshifter. This Animal’s message: “Dreams are meant to be realized. Unicorn is asking you to open yourself up to the child within and tap into the magic of the Universe. You are a manifesting magnet. Miracles happen every day. Hold the vision! You must believe it to see it.

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