These 11 Breathtaking Animals Are Here to Support You

Use these cards to connect with and trust your intuition: the Animals are here to support and guide you … the very Multi-Dimensional You!

Below is a listing of all 11 cards in this unique Multi-Dimensional Pathway.

Animals – Bee, Dolphin, Elephant, Tiger, Eagle, Snake, Pig, Koi, Butterfly, Monkey, Unicorn,

An easy way to develop your intuition is to be playful with your guidance. Use this Intuition Development Game to practice that!

  1. Use the button below the card spread to Shuffle Cards.
  2. Practice using your intuition by focusing your attention on the card you wish to intuit the location of before selecting a card.
  3. Once you have felt into the card – colors, words, or images – then click the card to flip it over to validate what your intuition was guiding you to. You can also use the Flip All Cards button at the bottom to reveal the entire card display.

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