Animal Empowerment Booster – Through the presence of ANIMALS, you learn about your true nature. These six additional animals are here to support you in that learning.

51. Peacock – Know Your Value, Confidence, Psychic Abilities

The extraordinarily colorful PEACOCK sheds its feathers every year and they grow back to the same glory and grandeur, which reminds you to KNOW YOUR VALUE. Whether you are in full bloom or shedding, you are deserving and worthy. When the male showcases its feathers, it’s an example of demonstrating extreme CONFIDENCE. The eye-shaped mark on the tail is a sign to open your third eye chakra, discover your PSYCHIC ABILITIES, and reconnect with your higher self. This Animal’s message: “It is time to show your true colors and shine like the beautiful being that you are. Finding the balance between confidence and humility allows you to be in harmony with your true nature.”

52. Donkey – Stand Your Ground, Fortitude, Be Heard

DONKEY’s stubborn nature is an important intuitive asset as we learn to trust our own intuition, to honor the caution, and STAND YOUR GROUND for your highest good. Determination, boundaries, and a playful spirit are examples of FORTITUDE that we can all emulate. Donkey’s ears are funnel-like, allowing them to hear far-away sounds, and is a reminder to demonstrate good listening skills for others, which in turn allows us to BE HEARD as well. This Animal’s message: “You are being invited to check in with yourself. Where are you taking on too much responsibility to a point that it is ‘back-breaking?’ Conversely, what areas might you need to be more responsible in your own life? When donkey crosses your path, it is an invitation to listen to your intuitive guidance. You know – better than anyone – what you need. It’s time to do it.”

53. Dog – Reliability, Friendship, Devotion, Protection

DOG has been a companion to humankind throughout history, which is the ultimate demonstration of RELIABILITY. Time and time again mythology portrays Dog as brave, powerful, and ever vigilant … creating the ultimate FRIENDSHIP for humans. It’s believed that Dogs have a mystical ability, which allows for extreme DEVOTION to its master in this life and the next. As a guide and companion, Dog is always focused on the PROTECTION of and love for its human family. This Animal’s message: “Integrity with your words and actions are important at this time. Be aware of the alignment needed in your relationships, both human and animal. Most importantly, be aware of your relationship with yourself. Remember, you cannot be a good friend to others without having the same relationship with yourself.”

54. Grasshopper – Leap of Faith, Abundance, Release the Past

GRASSHOPPER is here to share the importance of taking a risk when your intuition requires you to take that LEAP OF FAITH. Grasshopper’s ability to jump 20 times its size shows us that ABUNDANCE and prosperity are not only possible, but available in droves! In pushing us to take risks, Grasshopper nudges us to RELEASE THE PAST and get past obstacles and limitations that block our path. This Animal’s message: “Transformation is taking place. You are being asked to take a chance, a step upwards. Life only becomes difficult when you refuse to move forward. If you take inspired actions you will begin to see your dreams and hopes manifest right before you.”

55. Bear – Bravery, Instincts, Fearlessness, Grounding

BEAR shows us that strength and great courage are the components of BRAVERY, and that following our INSTINCTS will aid us in removing limitations and obstacles. By allowing this FEARLESSNESS to manifest, we increase our leadership potential while also raising our spiritual awareness and connection. Bear’s yearly hibernation reminds us of the importance of burrowing in and GROUNDING with Mother Earth to maintain harmony in our lives. This Animal’s message: “You have been through the trials of life and have learned to listen within. The experiences of the past, however difficult they were, have made you who you are today. Know that as you move forward, there is so much greatness to experience. Stand in your power of knowing that you can face anything. You are stronger than you realize. Fear is the thief of joy … and joy is your birthright. Choose accordingly.”

56. Whale – Emotional Healing, Release Drama, Action, Communication

WHALE is about surrendering and allowing that feeling that EMOTIONAL HEALING can bring. As we RELEASE DRAMA, we are released back out into the world to take healthy ACTION for our life’s purpose and the highest good of all. Whale’s songs can be heard thousands of miles in the ocean, and their beautiful sound reminds us of the importance of clear and harmonious COMMUNICATION as we navigate this vast universe. This Animal’s message: “It is time to take inventory of the emotional pressures you are under and release the pain associated with them. You are being challenged to be present with others in their struggle, yet not be attached to them. Clear expression and heart-based communication can help you walk this fine line with love and appreciation, releasing the responsibility for other’s healing and embracing your own.”

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