Feminine Empowerment Booster – ASCENDED MASTERS are models of healthy thought and action, who show us how to master our physical reality through love and intentional living. These six female masters remind you of who you are: Love.

45. Joan of Arc – Speak Your Truth, Leadership, Commitment

JOAN OF ARC reminds us of your responsibility to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH for the highest good regardless of your age, gender, or station in life. Divine LEADERSHIP requires trust and courage to tune into the Light within. It asks you to stand in your power even if you are afraid. The COMMITMENT to listen to your intuitive guidance and take inspired action is the hallmark of a great leader and an inspiration to those that witness it. This Ascended Master’s message: “It is time to speak your truth. There are many ways to do so and not all involve your physical voice: Write a letter, journal your feelings, create a social media post. Self-expression is being asked of you, in ways that feel in alignment for you. The time is now.”

46. White Buffalo Calf Woman – Sacred Ceremony, Prophecy, Peace

WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN brought a bundle to the Lakota, which held the sacred pipe. The seven traditional rituals use the sacred pipe in accordance with the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s teachings of SACRED CEREMONY. Her PROPHECY reminds us that it is our duty to be caretakers of our sacred lands, both internal and external. White Buffalo Calf Woman invites us to listen to nature to find harmony, balance, and PEACE. This Ascended Master’s message: “You are a powerful being with the ability to create healing for the planet, the animals, and the children. Come together with sisters of like-minds in ceremony and ritual. You are supernatural and you are just beginning to recognize the power of your gifts.”

47. Mother Teresa – Service, Vows, Sacrifice, Patience

Many of us have been graced in our lifetimes to have lived while MOTHER TERESA lived among us. A living, breathing paragon of SERVICE, she demonstrated love and kindness for all. She took VOWS to spread the Light to the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick. As the emissary of Spirit, she embodied the highest vibrations of chosen SACRIFICE and PATIENCE to show us that we are all one, that we are equal in the eyes of God. This Ascended Master’s message: “You are being invited to be of service in a greater way. When you put your hand on your heart, where are you guided to serve? Take a class, join a group, become an activist. You DO NOT have to sacrifice your joy to serve. Simply do small things with great love.”

48. Mary Magdalene – Teacher, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Open Heart

MARY MAGDALENE is the ultimate TEACHER of the power of the divine feminine. Her devotion during a perilous time for women, and regardless of what was said about her, showed us the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that Jesus had for her. Her life demonstrates that FORGIVENESS is deserved by everyone and that an OPEN HEART can allow us to witness amazing miracles. This Ascended Master’s message: “The adversity you have been through has made you a love warrior. You have the ability to stand in love no matter what is coming your way. You are aware of people’s pain and fear being projected onto you and it is now up to you to transmute, forgive, and release it. You have the power to change your perspective, even when others can’t see yours.”

49. Isis – Boundaries, Self-Care, Choose Wisely, Manifestation

As one of the most important goddesses of Ancient Egypt, ISIS reminds us of the importance of BOUNDARIES as we walk our spiritual path. Her name means “throne,” and in the spiritual sense, she encourages us to make SELF-CARE a priority. She experienced many challenges in her life, which demonstrates that we must CHOOSE WISELY where we focus our attention. A strong role model as a wife and mother, her heroic actions to protect and save her family remind us of the power of MANIFESTATION and our ability to create our own reality. This Ascended Master’s message: “As a powerful being you have the ability to create with your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Your life is a manifestation of all that has been present in your awareness. Now, more than ever, it is of great importance that you practice self-care and boundaries. Life is happening FOR you not TO you. Make this one adjustment in your thinking, and blessings will abound.”

50. Green Tara – Ask for Help, Empathy, Liberation, Trust

An enlightened female buddha, GREEN TARA is known as the “mother of all buddhas.” She encourages us to ASK FOR HELP, knowing that we don’t have to do it all alone. She is a compassionate being, supporting you in your own EMPATHY, which is often challenging to the physical and emotional bodies. She supports the LIBERATION of ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, miserliness, doubt, and unhealthy views. Reach out to Green Tara with absolute TRUST, knowing that you can always rely on her guidance. This Ascended Master’s message: “As an empath, it can be difficult to walk your physical world without help and support from those that come before you. Be mindful of the energy you take on and be observant of the energy you contribute to society. It is up to you if it is harmful or helpful. Asking for help – through prayer, intention, meditation, or a physical cry outward – invites the support of thousands, sight unseen.”

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