Ascended Masters – ASCENDED MASTERS are models of healthy thought and action, who show us how to master our physical reality through love and intentional living.

34. Buddha – Enlightenment, Oneness, Peace

BUDDHA lived in the extremes of life, both as a rich prince and as a hermit. He teaches us that “the middle way” or moderation is where you find true happiness. He is the epitome of ENLIGHTENMENT, the knower, and the seer. He reminds us of the truth within each person’s heart and mind. He embodies nobility, purity, ONENESS, and the importance of being charitable … to remind you to be true to your highest good, while supporting the highest good of all. Buddha points out your path to PEACE, clarity, and joy – and while it’s up to you to walk it, he assures you that you always have divine guidance walking along with you. This Ascended Master’s message: “Fear is an illusion that keeps you stuck in suffering. Where in your life are you suffering? Are you ready and willing to release your pain and instead allow peace into your life? It is time for silence as Buddha guides you towards oneness. Open to the light within, and simply listen.”

35. Quan Yin – Compassion, Mercy, Protection

QUAN YIN is known as “she who hears the cries of the world.” She is the embodiment of COMPASSION and loving-kindness. Legend says that she is a bodhisattva, or “enlightened one”, who took a vow to not enter heaven until all sentient beings are enlightened. Known as the Goddess of MERCY, her mission is to help all souls through their journey in this life and onto the next. Quan Yin is an all-seeing, all-hearing being who is called upon in times of uncertainty, despair, and fear. She offers PROTECTION to those in need, especially women and children. This Ascended Master’s message: “Let go of the burdens that you have been carrying throughout lifetimes. Are you willing to release them now? She reminds you of the importance of releasing the judgment you are carrying towards yourself and others and instead, begin to see the light and beauty within all beings. With her support, the love and compassion she offers can heal any guilt and shame that you may have been carrying so that you can begin to create a life filled with love and joy.”

36. Jesus – Christ-Consciousness, Eternal, Faith

JESUS is one of the great Master Teachers of all time. He shares love, wisdom, and forgiveness with humanity. He demonstrated CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, the highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity. He offers an awareness of, and connection to, the higher state of consciousness in such a way that you could see this as a possibility that exists for you too. As you tune into his energy, he shares with you the value of FAITH and surrendering to your Greater Mind or your Higher Self. He shows you the concept of being ETERNAL, knowing that your body is simply a revered temple that houses your soul – which just like energy, is never lost, only recreated anew. Put your faith in yourself and your power to transform! Ascend above your struggles and challenges to remember the vast potential awaiting you! This Ascended Master’s message: “You are spirit embodied; you are created from love and light and miracles are on their way. One of the greatest miracles you can receive is that of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of self-love and a gift you give to yourself. Now is the time to let go of the pain and stories that have kept you burdened and release them to the Divine for healing – both for yourself and others.”

37. Master Spirit Guide – Life Purpose, Direction, Dedication

Whether you know it or not, you have a MASTER SPIRIT GUIDE who supports you throughout your life, from birth to death. You may or may not have met yours. Maybe you just sense a feeling of support and love that is helping to direct your life. These loving guides remind us of our LIFE PURPOSE, as they had a similar purpose when they were embodied. Your Spirit Guide helps you stay on the path that you came to this physical space to experience. They provide clues and cues that support you to follow the DIRECTION in your heart and soul. In their love and support, you find the DEDICATION to keep moving forward, to keep evolving into your best self, to stand in your truth, and serve the purpose that you have chosen. Tune into your Guides and Angels daily. Ask them for their guidance and love and to show you signs that they are with you. They are always at the ready to serve you! Why? Because they love you beyond measure AND you deserve it! This Ascended Master’s message: “You are not alone. Your Master Spirit Guide is a part of your Spirit Team and ready to serve you in all ways that move you towards your highest greatest good. You are awakening to your purpose in greater ways. Be sure to ask your Spirit Guide to reveal to you what it is that you need to know or learn about yourself to grow and expand. Your purpose is being revealed.”

38. Guardian Angel – Unconditional Love, Messenger, Free Will, Support

Many people believe GUARDIAN ANGELS guide, protect, and support you from the challenges and dangers in this physical life. There are mentions in many ancient scriptures and Greek philosophies of the presence of a spiritual entity that guides us through life. Your Guardian Angel stays with you from your first breath to your last, gives you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and never leaves your side. Guardian Angels are MESSENGERS from Spirit, lovingly supporting and guiding you through life. As a human being, you have FREE WILL to make choices based on your wants, needs, and desires. Your Guardian Angel cannot intervene with those free will choices; therefore, they wait in the wings to give you their unwavering love and SUPPORT. This Ascended Master’s message: “You are always supported. In times of challenge and great joy, your Guardian Angel is with you. Be sure to ask your Guardian Angel and Angels directly for help and guidance. You are receiving messages through your intuition, your senses. Are you looking for the signs? Listening closely to the whispers? Paying attention to what you feel? Observing the thoughts that are popping into your head? Your Guardian Angel is communicating with you. Pay attention!”

39. Ganesha – Beginnings, Clearing Obstacles, Acceptance, Intellect

GANESHA, the big elephant-headed Hindu God, travels on a small mouse. The mouse snips and nibbles away at ropes that bind, paving the way for new BEGINNINGS. The mouse is like the mantra which can cut through ignorance, CLEARING OBSTACLES, and leading to the ultimate knowledge represented by Ganesha! His big belly represents generosity and total ACCEPTANCE. His upraised hand depicts protection meaning, ‘Fear not, I am with you.’ His lowered hand, palm facing outwards, means endless giving. Ganesha’s tusk signifies duality. It reminds you that INTELLECT and wisdom can allow you to see us all as one and yourself an integral part of the whole. This Ascended Master’s message: “Good fortune and opportunity are coming your way. The challenges you have faced have been blessings in disguise. Accept that all has happened in Divine time, allowing your dreams to unfold into reality now. The roadblocks are clear, and a new journey is about to begin. The timing is right.”

40. Serapis Bey – Ascension, Shadow Work, Addictions & Cravings

SERAPIS BEY helps us work toward ASCENSION through spiritual enlightenment. He motivates us toward physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. He supports us in withstanding the coming changes and the SHADOW WORK that is necessary to move through those changes, to release old habits. Like a spiritual fitness guru, he inspires, motivates, and provides hope for the future. Serapis Bey supports us in overcoming ADDICTIONS AND CRAVINGS and encourages us to rise above the darkness and into the light. This Ascended Master’s message: “It’s been a difficult time and you are ready to rise above it all. It is always darkest before the dawn. Serapis Bey is reminding you that it is time to do the work that you know within needs to be done. Doing so will help you step into your true self and bring you the freedom you long to feel within. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your light is returning to you. Let it in.”

41. St. Francis – Animal Communication, Nature, Life Purpose

ST. FRANCIS of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment, is the original Earth Day advocate. He is an expert at ANIMAL COMMUNICATION and is always ready to assist you in nurturing them. St. Francis cared for the sick and the poor, he preached sermons to animals in the forest, and praised all creatures as brothers and sisters. St. Francis had a deep love for NATURE and all God’s creatures—expressed not only in his tender care of lepers, but in his attempt to negotiate peace between Muslims and Christians during the fifth Crusade. His legacy shows you the importance of finding your LIFE PURPOSE and living it with divine intention. This Ascended Master’s message: “Connect with the deeper part of you and your soul’s journey. Pay special attention to your intuition, especially the messages from the animals, as they are guiding you towards greater healing and a higher vibration. Listen to your heart and ask St. Francis for support in relationships where others aren’t understanding your heart’s desire.”

42. Mother Mary – Grace, Miracles, Fertility, Mother

MOTHER MARY is the beloved mother of Christ, who is known as the “queen of the angels” for her ongoing and miraculous healing work. She offers you the opportunity to live a life filled with GRACE and prayer. She inspires in us the ability to allow love to change us by listening to the voice of Spirit. In surrendering yourself through love, MIRACLES surround you, and you discover who you are truly meant to become. As the Holy MOTHER, she reminds us to always honor the Divine Feminine and the gift of FERTILITY. Mother Mary is a beautiful example of living your authentic spirituality, which leads you to Oneness. This Ascended Master’s message: “You must let go of your worries and fears. Do not give up hope, in yourself or others. Have faith, especially right now. Your attention to faith or fear affects the outcome. Mother Mary invites you to open up to the power of prayer and intention, knowing that miracles are already on their way… if you will only allow them.”

43. Lakshmi – Prosperity, Career, Luck, Service

The Hindu Goddess LAKSHMI is the Goddess of light and abundance – an abundance of not only material wealth and PROSPERITY, but also an abundance of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. She is celebrated at Diwali, known as the festival of light. It is believed that anyone who approaches Lakshmi sincerely, and without greed, will be blessed with good LUCK and success. Lakshmi represents the creative, feminine aspect of the divine. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word “laksya” meaning aim or goal, as she represents what human beings should be striving for. In this way, she can support you in your CAREER and life purpose. Lakshmi reminds us that the greatest gift is to be of SERVICE to others, with the intention of the highest good for all of humanity, including yourself. This Ascended Master’s message: “If you desire more prosperity in your life, stay open to the flow – giving and receiving – creating an equal exchange of energy. Lakshmi is helping you release the blocks to prosperity, by releasing your fears and opening yourself up to self-love. Affirm each day that you deserve to be prosperous… and allow it in.”

44. Merlin – Divine Magic, Alchemy, Spiritual Teacher

MERLIN encourages you to harmonize the earth’s energies and the forces of your own soul, utilizing the gift of spiritual ALCHEMY. He strives to lead you to inner freedom and higher consciousness – keeping one foot in both worlds – while also delving in the DIVINE MAGIC. As a SPIRITUAL TEACHER, Merlin supports you in moving beyond the warrior to live in harmony with the earth and one another. He reminds you to celebrate the Divine Masculine spirit of nature. This Ascended Master’s message: “You are being called into Spiritual Energy Healing, either in the form of giving or receiving. You have the ability to heal yourself and help others heal as well through hands-on healing, visualization, and thoughts. Merlin guides you in using the gift of magic to transmute the current situation into love, by bringing justice to the circumstances around you, in perfect Divine time. Bring balance and harmony into your life by looking deeply into areas that are out-of-alignment.”

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