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THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE is a tool that can help you remember and reconnect with your multi-dimensional self.

We are multi-dimensional beings having a physical experience, but that is not all.

It is time to embrace ALL of our BE-ingness … and to do that, we must let go of what we have been taught about living in this 3D reality. There is so much more, and it is calling us to ascend, expand and embrace our multi-dimensional reality.

Through four pathways you will experience and tune in to this beingness and become familiar with your true power and potential.

* Through the power of SYMBOLS, we are shown what we can be.

* Through the presence of ANIMALS, we learn about our true nature.

* NUMBERS bring a sense of logic, yet they also carry spiritual meaning and insights.

* ASCENDED MASTERS are models of loving thought and action, who show us how to master our reality through intentional living.

In working with THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE, you harness your own innate powers to create the life you desire and deserve.

Multi-Dimensional awareness allows you to navigate your three-dimensional reality with ease, grace, and the unlimited power and potential of your ever-evolving Spirit.


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76 reviews for Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards

  1. Vicki (verified owner)

    These cards are absolutely beautiful. The energy that is felt with each card is incredible. There is a magical connection with spirit when you read these cards and the readings just intuitively flow. Thank you Sunny for this wonderful experience!

  2. Annie (verified owner)

    These multidimensional cards are just stunning! The artwork is so beautiful. Each card was divinely inspired by Sunny. Love the energy and messages each one has to give .

  3. Terence (verified owner)

    The cards are beautiful. There are layers of information in them, it seems to me. The more I focus on a card, more information keeps coming forward. What an amazing artist Lucinda is.

  4. Casey S. (verified owner)

    I was guided to buy these cards weeks before they were announced. I know why because these cards are special because they work with your intuition. Absolutely beautiful too!

  5. Liana Salas (verified owner)

    The most beautiful and powerful card deck I have ever seen! The colors and artwork are captivating! Each card radiates light, love and insight! This deck feels magical! It is a powerful tool to connect with spirit and spark intuition.

  6. Danielle

    These oracle cards are absolutely beautiful. I actually love that a book is not included but just a few words so I can feel into what the card means for me. Such a great set!

  7. Patricia Weaver (verified owner)

    I love the mMultidimensional card deck.
    So colorful and so full of energy. Looking forward to all that the cards unlock for myself and others.

  8. Kristin (verified owner)

    These cards are absolutely beautiful! The energy you can feel is amazing. The detail in every card is special and unique. Love them!

  9. Laurel

    I love these cards! They are so beautiful and the story behind them is amazing! I really like that they are a mixed deck of numbers, signs, animals and ascended masters.

  10. Cathy (verified owner)

    Beautiful images, fantastic color, detail, and amazing high energy multidimensional oracle cards. What a wonderful set to intuit. Love them!

  11. Janice (verified owner)

    Wow! These cards are so beautiful!! Their energy comes right out of each image. I love this deck as a tool for strengthening my own intuitive skills.

  12. Tara M (verified owner)

    Great deck with great energy! This deck is for those who are new to oracles cards and those experienced readers. The images on the cards are beautiful and engaging too.

  13. Joy (verified owner)

    I love the oracle cards Sunny created. All of the images are amazing You can feel the light coming right off these cards . I will gift many of these to family and friends.

  14. Bonnie W (verified owner)

    I knew with Sunny Dawn’s intuitive gift and Lucinda Rae’s gift as an intuitive artist these cards would be magical. But to say I was blown away is an understatement. With each card it’s like you are standing in front of a portal. When you turn the card the portal opens up and you see an amazing symbol, number, animal or ascended master before you. The cards are visually stunning and you are immediately surrounded by the love energy and a vibration that emanates from each card. I have different sets of oracle cards and was drawn to them for one reason or another. But with none of them have I had the experience of feeling an energy that just reaches into my soul and touches me on an emotional, physical and spiritual level until now.

  15. MAM

    There’s no denying that 2020 has felt like a giant snow globe experience. Each of us is experiencing this pandemic in our own ways. Sunny Dawn Johnston’s unique creation of Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards creates opportunities to experience new perspectives in our lives. Let the cards open you up to discover new ways to raise your energy. When the snow finally settles in our snow globe, and it will, we will see things slightly differently than before, for our highest good.

  16. Thomas Giovannoni (verified owner)

    All of what we are and what we do is about energy. We are light workers and energy workers. Everything is about energy. These
    cards are not only stunning in artistic beauty, but as I started to work with them, and envelop myself in the ambiance of each card, I
    found that every one radiates an energy that is palpable. My experience with these cards has brought me greater clarity and accuracy. I can now feel the subtleties more acutely between different energy sources. I love the energy of this deck of cards!! This deck has given me much greater awareness and insight for which I am very grateful.

  17. Maggie (verified owner)

    I love oracle cards. I am always amazed at how they work and the on-point messages they give. But what makes these cards different is they have been created from a different perspective and combine more than just one element- sacred numbers, sacred symbols, ascended masters, spirit animals-to help pinpoint the exact message you need. And what I love best, is the amazing and beautiful artwork! You can totally feel the high vibrations that comes through them.

  18. Amie (verified owner)

    This oracle card deck is absolutely beautiful and emanates loving energy! Each time I look at the cards I see something more or different. I like the idea of depending on and trusting my own intuition of the message I am receiving from each card. Looking forward to using this deck to doing readings for others!!!

  19. Nikky (verified owner)

    I started to be interested in Oracle Decks ONLY in November last year and since November I already bought at least 10 sets of cards! If I had this one first, I wouldn’t need the others. It has EVERYTHING you might need/want. I love them So much. Every image I look at speaks to me and brings such deep messages. I can’t WAIT to use them in my daily practice.!!

  20. Cynthia Eyer (verified owner)

    This deck encourages each person that pulls a card(s) for their reading to listen to what SPIRIT has to say, not the author of the cards. Each card stands alone and I get to hear what Spirit has for me, and me only. It absolutely holds a multi-dimensional energy, allowing me a peek beyond the veil.

  21. Sharon Eistetter (verified owner)

    I love these cards! The images have amazing energy and intention, and are truly unique. A great first card deck or addition to your collection!

  22. Pam Ameigh (verified owner)

    I have randomly bought Oracle card decks over the past few years. Some decks bought and some have been gifted. Choosing one card per day to set my intentions has helped me develop and build on my intuition. This deck draws in on my attention from the moment I laid eyes on the beautiful light shining from them. The cards are the meaning of life in many aspects. The end of the light it brings will be nowhere in sight. These cards help me defend my feminine rights.

  23. Richelle (verified owner)

    I just love my new set of oracle cards! They are sure to become my favorite. The cards have such wonderful energy and really resonate with me. Imagery and colors are simply breathtaking!!

  24. Jodie Harvala (verified owner)

    These cards are more than beautiful- they offer the energy foundation that newbies are searching for but also what more advanced students need to remember- each card has a specific energy that will speak through you and offer a beautiful education in energy and spirit and such amazing art work – the messages just flow through you as you work with the deck.

  25. Sarah Weaver (verified owner)

    I love how colorful these cards are!!! The artwork is beautiful 🤩 I’m enjoying connecting with the energy of this deck ✨

  26. Nora (verified owner)

    New to Oracle cards. I find that
    These multidimensional set resonate with my soul at many levels. Intuitive messages speak to you by just looking at them. Light, love, and connection to a higher vibration through the beautiful pictures, & colors . If looking fir a new channel to connect with your soul these oracle cards are it.

  27. Denise Kirkconnell (verified owner)

    These cards sure do live up to their name. Each one uniquely created with multidimensional messages. They are full of beautiful possibilities. I will regularly use these cards for intuitive guidance. I am in love with each and every one.

  28. Nikki Coscino (verified owner)

    Beauty was created with passion and high intuition by the creator SDJ ~ she is a pure light of love that shares her mediumship energy in these cards! Amazing light will be yours by holding, reading, looking at these cards!

  29. Lisa Eleni

    This multidimensional deck is an amazing tool for tuning into your intuition! Each beautiful image has its own amazing energy and wisdom inspire you each time you pull a card.

  30. Shawna Fischer (verified owner)

    Multi-Dimensional cards are full of so much beauty, light, wisdom and empowerment. These cards bring all of that, where the message in the picture of the card really speaks through empowering messages that really speak to your heart and inner wisdom. One of the most beautiful decks of cards I have ever seen and connected with!!

  31. Ava Young

    I love the beautiful High energy vibration these Multi-Dimensional oracle cards hold. Looking at each card brings me into the present moment of Love, compassion and peace. These cards hold the wisdom that expands throughout the Universe to bring a renewed insight of who we are coming together. New beginnings are here!

  32. Deb Marley (verified owner)

    Looking to expand your insight…these oracle cards are beautiful AND insightful…

  33. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

    This multidimensional oracle deck brings amazing energy and divine insight! Each and every card brings forth profound wisdom. Thank you to the artist Lucinda, and creator SDJ for shining line and expanding the consciousness of the world.

  34. Janet Bumgardner (verified owner)

    I love these Oracle cards! Stunningly beautiful and insightful💛

  35. Mary Potts (verified owner)

    These multi-dimensional oracle cards are the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen! Each and every one of them expresses such a light with both peaceful and blissful energy to them. It feels like love coming directly from Heaven!

  36. Deborah Shaw (verified owner)

    The multi-dimensional oracle card set is so beautiful. They have such amazing energy and the art work is unique and inspiring. I love how they contain animals, symbols, numbers, angels, guides and ascendant masters.
    These cards are for everyone because of the light and love in them.

  37. paula obeid (verified owner)

    How do you put only 5 stars for a multi-dimensional oracle card set!! I want to give it 5 solar systems!!! As many of us expand into the true multi-dimensional beings that we are, we finally have a card deck that can support us!! Regardless of your current belief system you will love these beautiful cards full of light and high vibes!! As with any card deck use your intuition to receive messages to support you each and every day while having some FUN!! Enjoy the beautiful artwork!! I dare you to stay away from the copy machine while trying to make larger copies of the card artwork to hang over your fireplace!!! The cards are that wonderful!!! Enjoy!

  38. Julie Gale (verified owner)

    Throughout the last month or so, I had been thinking about getting a new Oracle deck. I was thinking I wanted something to do with animals, because I love animal guides, but I was also thinking about angels…so I was absolutely thrilled to hear about this deck Sunny was putting together. It is exactly what I was looking for! Angel guides, numerology, symbols, aaaand animal guides??? This deck is as unique as we all are and I can’t wait to use it daily and during my sessions.

  39. Amy Sutherland (verified owner)

    Created from a loving and authentic place, these cards are meant to support you in tapping into and expanding your intuition. For someone who loves directions, these don’t come with a manual. It was intentional to help us rely on ourselves rather than an instructional manual. I am excited to work on that and I believe it will truly help me rely more on my own intuition. I also love seeing the variety of elements across the numbers, symbols, animal and ascended masters. I love that the cards reflect different religious masters. It reflects my belief that we are all connected together and it isn’t one or another.

  40. April Dodd (verified owner)

    Finally! An oracle deck like no other! Refreshing, and gives us a chance to trust ourselves rather than rely on what someone else tells us. The energy of these cards are powerful, tangible, and moving, and the art in itself is mutlidimensional. The whole package in one deck! I’ll have these for a lifetime.

  41. Kelly (verified owner)

    These beautifully created oracle cards are a wonderful reflection of who we ALL are. The blend of physical and spiritual along with a magical essence that reminds us that it is time to see the good in ourselves and transform the old pictures, stories and representations. I LOVE the look and energy of these cards!

  42. Irma (verified owner)

    From the moment I saw these beautiful cards I felt the wonderful energy they give out. The creative awesome artist and Sunny made this a magical Oracle deck. I know that everyone will want to be a part of this transformation when using these fantastic cards! Awesome
    Great job everyone!! Love them all♥️♥️♥️

  43. Deborah Marley (verified owner)

    Multidimensional…the cards represent diversity to me…spirit and physical based allowing you to tap into the energy for your highest and greatest good…beautifully done💜

  44. Alejandria (verified owner)

    This is probably the most beautiful Oracle deck I’ve ever seen. The images are EMOTIONAL and feel alive with energy. I love, love, love this deck.

  45. Terri Wright (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards with amazing energy! Love them all!

  46. Tonia (verified owner)

    I had been looking for a multi-dimensional oracle deck for some time. When I read about this one I purchased immediately and am delighted with the feel and colour of the cards – easy to use and a delight to own. They offer me such a fabulous vibration – love them 🙂

  47. Lisa Thompson (verified owner)

    I own over 30 oracle decks and have even created my own. These are one of my all time favorites. This is the first deck that I’ve experienced that combines so many different elements, making it truly multidimensional. The artwork is gorgeous and the meanings are extremely insightful. I love love love this deck!

  48. Janeel (verified owner)

    It’s very obvious as soon as you receive your cards, that this MULTI~DIMENSIONAL ORACLE DECK was Divinely Inspired!
    Wisdom from ALL of the elements in ONE deck!
    No more having to combine two or more decks, no more double shuffling, no more double layered reading.
    This Multi~Dimensional deck is also multi~sensory! The design, colors, lighting, and energy of each card, calls to YOU on a very personal level. Awakening and inspiring all of your senses in a new and exciting depth of wisdom.
    This Multi~Dimensional Oracle deck is the easiest to interpret, yet the most powerful flowing oracle experience ever!

  49. Kathleen C (verified owner)

    Wow, what an amazing combination of beauty and energy these cards possess! Lucinda Rae has captured the energy with her incredible artwork. I have many other decks and none as gorgeous or as powerful as this deck. Sunny Dawn is a true channel for light and love! Thank you for sharing these beauties.

  50. Kathy (verified owner)

    This is the most beautifully designed deck of Oracle cards! The energy surrounding all the cards is so powerful. They literally gave me goosebumps. I feel they have a life of their own, ready to speak their truth. Love, love, love them.

  51. Judy (verified owner)

    AMAZING energy and creative artwork make this deck a must have!

  52. Mel B (verified owner)

    The Multidimensional Oracle Deck is a brilliant deck to tune into your intuition and experience the magic of various dimensions! It is a one of a kind experience to have a variety of subjects in one deck and the art is vibrant. This is an excellent deck for beginners and experienced Oracle users to enjoy connecting with.

  53. Rev. Sheila E. (verified owner)

    There is a vibrant healing in just seeing or hearing of the MultiDimensional Oracle Cards. The art adds an even greater healing and expansion with the messages truly raising your vibration instantly to new dimensions for deep transformation, and wonderous continued ah-ha moments and knowing’s after! The Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards will be used not only for myself, but as a big part of my tool kit to help with whatever healing my clients may need.

  54. Karen (verified owner)

    Powerful deck of Oracle cards! Lucinda Rae’s art is vibrantly stunning. Congratulations to Sunny and her Super Sunlight Alliance team!

  55. GG Gail (verified owner)

    This deck is incredibly beautiful and is just what I needed to step down not 2021! The messages and artwork are perfect! I love it so much. Thank you Sunny and team. 🌞

  56. Robin

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! The energy, the artistry, the intentions, the messages, ENDLESS!!! Truly an incredible oracle deck of love and knowledge!! Thank you!!

  57. Candi Lynn Lanam (verified owner)

    These cards are stunning and magical! The moment I saw the deck I could feel the energy of the images in a truly multi-dimensional way. It’s so much more than just images, as the artist, Lucinda Rae, is clearly so talented! It is also about the feeling, understanding, and energy around each card. These are going to be a wonderful guide for SO many people. You nailed it, Sunny! I am not surprised, I absolutely love them!

  58. Shanda Trofe (verified owner)

    My fave Oracle deck yet! Each and every card in this deck contains breathtaking artwork, and it’s clear that the entire deck is infused with intention, positive energy and love. I have many different decks but I’ve never had one that “feels” this good — such high vibration! I also appreciate the variety in this multidimensional deck.

  59. Monica

    Beautiful cards, love the energy, designed. Love them

  60. Brandi Strieter (verified owner)

    LOVE, love, love the energy coming from these cards! They are divine portals into higher consciousness with embodied wisdom. The images, colors and messages are higher vibrational energy and magical to work with. So fun and my new go to card deck. Brilliant vision SDJ and amazing artwork Lucinda. Thank you both for sharing your gifts.

  61. Paula Meyer (verified owner)

    Words cannot express the beauty and energy of this extraordinary card deck. The artwork is truly divine, and you can feel the love and energy exploding from each card as you hold it and connect with it. I love that it includes 4 different types of oracles, because that’s what life is all about…experiencing and growing from many levels of awareness. Congratulations Sunny & Lucinda for this magical creation!

  62. Joan Roulac (verified owner)

    How can you describe magic? I think it must be felt to be known. I’ve been fascinated with oracle cards since I had my first reading with Sylvia Brown in the early 70’s. Playing with cards and energy lights me up, and this new deck delivers. Love the multi-dimensional aspect of the individuals cards. The artist’s imagery partners beautifully with Sunny’s energy and the results are stunning. I believe these cards will bring you a sense of love, peace, alignment and belonging. They are a Divine way to tap your personal power and intuitive wisdom. Raise your vibration one card at a time, and as Sunny says “be a lighthouse”. You will not be disappointed:)

  63. Malinda Pantano (verified owner)

    Wow, what a creative deck …multidimensional for sure! From the animals, numbers, symbols and spirit the messages are truly portrayed through the beautiful colors and artwork and energy within.
    I just Love them!

  64. Alex T. (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow! The energy that I feel with the Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards is empowering, peaceful, and so much more. The artist’s work with the illustration of each card is beautiful and inspiring. You can truly feel the dedication, love, and intention that went into making this deck of cards. And I love that they are multi-dimensional! The world needs more love and light now more than ever and these cards are here to help with that!

  65. Kyra Schaefer (verified owner)

    Energy, Insight, Real Talk! I love these cards. They resonate deeply. These cards create a touchstone for your innate wisdom to shine through. I highly recommend this deck!

  66. Debbie Labinski (verified owner)

    Oh my word! These cards are magical and easy to use to tap into my intuition and my spirit team. The card Jesus has a beautiful safe energy to him. I am so excited to enjoy these for my own messages, but I know reading them for my clients will
    Just a powerful and supportive. Thank you Sunny and spirit for creating such a multi purpose gift 🎁

  67. Melissa Kim Corter (verified owner)

    I LOVE this deck! I’ve had hundreds of decks over the years, but the flow of this oracle deck is one of my favorites! These are gorgeous and the messages are absolutely perfect, a must have for your collection!!!!

  68. Elise Schema (verified owner)

    I LOVE these Multi-Dimensional oracle cards, the energy is absolutely amazing, there is so much love and light-infused into the colors and imagery, making them magical, each card has its own individual message, allowing you to tap into your own individuality and intuition, I love everything about them and recommend them to anyone that believes that in every dimension the impossible is possible!!!

  69. Margy gavin (verified owner)

    These are the most beautiful oracle cards!!!

  70. Carol CC Miller (verified owner)

    I LOVE oracle cards in general, and this deck reaches a new level of reaching your soul. The imagery is breathtaking, and the energy of each card wraps you in a warm bubble of goodness. You are sure to want this deck in your repertoire of oracle decks, and I suspect it will become your favorite quickly.

  71. Giuliana Melo

    Having used over 100 decks In my career I can honestly say there is no deck like this one. I love the colours, images, energies and I just know it’s going to be my favourite deck.

  72. Kimber Bowers (verified owner)

    I love the feel of this deck! The energy is amazing! The passion poured into their creation simply radiates from the beautiful images and messages! I love how they encourage the reader to bring one’s own intuition into the mix!

  73. Raina Irene (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful!!!
    Each card has so much love, energy, magic and messages in them. I like to read oracles from every aspect of the card and not only is the deck multi-dimensional, but each card in this deck is multi-dimensional too!! My new favorite deck for sure !!!!

  74. Cathlene (verified owner)

    The moment I saw the cover of the deck I instantly felt that when you allow it, this deck is the perfect tool for deep transformational work. It has a power to it that can move mountains while also supporting you with the soft gentleness of an angel’s feather. As you look at the beautiful images and feel the energy coming from each card you can tell this truly is a multi-dimensional deck.

  75. Deb

    What is so awesome about these oracle cards is the ability to tap into the 4 different energy pathways that are represented within this deck. I love receiving support & guidance in the diversity presented here!

  76. klvadmin

    These are awesome cards. Luv them!!!

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