Remembering Our Brothers & Sisters in Spirit


Remembering Our Brothers & Sisters in Spirit

Whether we know it or not, we all have a Master Spirit Guide who supports us throughout our lives. You may or may not have met yours. Maybe you just sense a feeling of support and love helping to direct your life.

These loving guides endeavor to remind us of our LIFE PURPOSE, so that we stay on the path that we came here to experience. They provide clues and cues that support us to follow the DIRECTION in our hearts and souls. In their love and energy, we find the DEDICATION to keep moving forward, to keep evolving into our best selves, to stand in our truth, and serve the purpose that we have chosen.

Tune into your Guides and Angels daily. Ask them for guidance and love and to show you signs that they are with you. They are always at the ready to serve you! And do you know why? Because they love you beyond measure AND you deserve it!

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Your Multi-Dimensional Sister,

Sunny Dawn Johnston

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