Save The Elephant Day, April 16


Ready for a Multi-Dimensional Journey? Let’s go!

Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful large basket with me, high in the air. You can see for miles, the sun is brilliantly shining above, and the air is crisp and clear. All of sudden, we are being lifted up and begin to move forward. Somewhat shaken by the jerky movement, we look below us and see this wondrous and amazing creature! We are being carried forward on this multi-dimensional journey by a gentle giant.

Today we celebrate Save the Elephant Day, and what an honor it is to get to know this magnificent being!

The Elephant card in my new Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck was the first card that the artist, Lucinda Rae, created! So, it’s fitting that I introduce you to this one first!

The elephant symbolizes the vastness of Spirit and all-encompassing strength and love. When he presented himself to me for this oracle deck, he shared his WISDOM about removing the obstacles that clear the path to our vitality and abundance. He then spoke of the SENSITIVITY we must tune into to nurture compassion for ourselves and others. Finally, he reminded me about the LOYALTY of elephants, with their strong social bonds and family values, which have become the symbol of trust, loyalty, and family bonding in many African tales.

I’m so excited to present the Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck to you!

Join my Launch Party on Saturday, April 17 at Noon PST!

I’ll be Zooming LIVE from my Facebook page, join me here:

Tuning into Elephant energy assists us when we start a new project or are maybe just feeling anxious about the future. Let’s call upon the Elephant as we begin this Multi-Dimensional Journey together!

Your Multi-Dimensional Sister,

Sunny Dawn Johnston

You can pre-order your deck here.

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