Basking in the Glory of the Sun


Nothing is more beautiful and serene than witnessing a new dawn breaking or a good day ending, as the brilliant SUN ascends and descends every day.

Today we celebrate Sun Awareness Day, and what a joy it is to feel the warmth and power of the sun when we stand in its presence.

The sun symbolizes the OUTER WORLD and gives light and illumination so that we can see what’s before us. The sun reminds us of our IDENTITY and how we show up in the world. Then of course there is the LIGHT that always emanates from her and symbolizes that light that is always present within us. Finally, the sun reminds us of our STRENGTH and that every day we rise again in our own power.

I’m so excited to present the Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck to you!

Tuning into Sun energy expands our light within so that we can shine even brighter on the outside and become a beacon of light and hope for others.

Let’s call upon the Sun as we navigate this Multi-Dimensional Journey together!

Your Multi-Dimensional Sister,

Sunny Dawn Johnston

PS: The Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck will be ready mid-June! You can pre-order your deck here:

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