Time to Rise Above


Today as we celebrate Ascension Day and the miraculous story of the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, we remind ourselves of our own powers of strength and redemption.

One of the greatest Master Teachers of all time, Jesus shared so much wisdom and love with us.

He demonstrated CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, in such a way that we could see that possibility existed for us too. As we tune into his energy, he shares with us the value of FAITH and surrendering to our Greater Mind. And he shows us the concept of being ETERNAL, knowing that our bodies are simply a revered temple that house our soul, which just like energy, is never lost, only recreated anew.

Let’s put our faith in ourselves and our power to transform! Let’s ascend above our struggles and challenges, to be reminded of the vast potentials awaiting us!

I’m so excited to present the Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck to you!

Your Multi-Dimensional Sister,

Sunny Dawn Johnston

PS: There are many new friends waiting for you in my Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck! It will be ready mid-June! You can pre-order your deck here: https://multidimensionaloracle.cards/

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